Measuring Standard 30X78 Interior Door Plan

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How to measure a 30X78 interior door? It is better to know that whether you are measuring for the framing of an interior door or just looking to replace the existing interior door with one the same size, the technique and process is not difficult at all. In terms of style, getting the perfect fit depends on the measurement you get. If we want to have a standard interior door, the typical width sizes of it are 30 inches to 32 inches. So, wider measurement means we have to find a custom one and it may need a bigger budget. Double checking the measurements of the door can save you both time and energy later.


30X78 interior door
30X78 interior door

Before starting the measuring process, we have to prepare some tools, which are tape measure, grid paper and framing square. Start the process by measuring the width and height of the interior door. Do not forget to add about two inches to both measurements. We have to do it to give space for the door frame and door shims. For instance, if you measure the interior door’s width at 30 inches, you have to space the studs about 32 inches apart. It is still good to use a grid paper for sketching a plan of the room if you want to replace with a standard interior door. Do not forget to indicate the direction of the interior door swing. Measure the width at the bottom, top and middle of the door as well as the height at both the knob side and hinge side.

30X78 interior door plan

design 30X78 interior door
30X78 interior door

Last, do not forget to measure the location of the door hinges. When do this task, start the measuring process from the top of the door, and measuring down to the top and bottom of each door hinge. It is better to check if each top corner is square using a framing square. Finally, make notes on your 30X78 interior door plan and tell it to door manufacturer. You can also ask from contractor for the standard interior door.

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